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From Natasha over at Learning Wicca.

Who is your favorite philosopher?  I really do not have a favorite one
What is your favorite number?  7
What is your favorite animal?  HHMM, the animal would have to be a ferret, however, a bird would be the peacock, and the insect would be dragonflies
What are your Facebook and Twitter URL’s?  I do not follow twitter, but my Facebook is
What is your favorite time of day?  Early morning and late evening when the sky is changing and the pace of the day slows down
What was your favorite vacation?  Going to see family, whether it be in Wisconsin or Texas
What is your favorite physical activity?  Walking with the boys and being in nature
Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink?  Sweet tea (I am from the south)
What is your favorite Flower?  Stargazer lilies-something about the smell of them
What is your passion?  My family and friends

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