Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Originally posted on January 24, 2009

How would I do things differently?

OK, the mood of the nation right now is hopeful.  It's all about change.  I can understand that, Barak is a very charismatic person and I, too, am hopeful that he can do some of what he promised.  I know that it is going to take time.  I know that Rome wasn't built in a day and I am willing to persevere.

BUT......( you knew there was a but if you read the subject LOL)......if I were president...
I would have done SO many things different. 

For one, I think that we should concentrate on us.  The US, you know, our people.  Get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan!  Bring the troops home. I saw the saddest picture the other day.  It wasn't of a dead solider, it wasn't of a soldier leaving home to go to a war that we shouldn't be in. 

It was of a female soldier seeing her 6 month old daughter for the first time in 4 months. 

Yep, you read that right, she left her precious little girl at the age of 2 months to be deployed.  Her husband was overseas also.  This little angel was being cared for by someone other than her parents.  (Don't get me wrong, family is family.  But, it is not a substitute for the love of you own Mommy and Daddy).

This picture had my heart breaking and tears falling onto my keyboard(even now I am fighting tears).  You could tell this women was overjoyed at the sight of her baby girl, She was bawling so hard!

This should NOT have happened!!  We don't belong there.  Let them fight it out and then work with the ones that are left.

We are facing near financial catastrophe, there are children..families..in our country who have no place to sleep, no food or a table to put it on.  The health care system in our country needs a major overhaul.  The elderly sometimes go without food, clothing, or even basic necessities if they want to take the medicine they need to continue to live.  But , what life do they have?  No savings, some with no family to care about them.  They simply exist.

These are the people we should be working for.  Not some countries who can't even get along within their own borders.  If we can't make us work, how are we going to make anyone else work?

Our country is three trillion dollars in debt.  Call in some of the loans that we have out there....it if were you and me, you could be damn sure that the government would want their money.  But, other countries can have money free and clear. 

Not right!!

Instead of spending an estimated $150 million on the inauguration, put that back into the coffers of America.  Hell, interrupt me at work in the Oval Office for the oath of office then let me get the hell back to work.  Don't take up an entire day for all the pomp and circumstances.  I got shit to do, let me do it!!!!

I know that there are those out there who will say that we have an obligation to the world to help others, fuck that shit.  We have an obligation to help our own first, then once we are taken care of, we will see if the others can play nice before we have some playdates.

Originally posted on March 31, 2011

Why is it….

that everyone thinks the grass is always greener on the other side?  People are never content to appreciate what they have and are on the look-out for better.

My daughter and her “husband” split up and it seems as if he had someone all ready and waiting for him.  Thing is, it is one of my daughter’s so-called friends.  This girl is saying that she doesn’t want to hurt anyone, yada, yada, yada.  Guess what skank…you ALREADY HAVE.  So go trot out your shit excuses elsewhere.

I guess I’m just tired of always being on edge.  When you love someone and they run hot and cold, it can get to where you don’t know how to behave.  Will today be a good day?  Do I have to watch what I say and how I say it?

I hate being jealous, but when I feel as if I’ve been given reason to think that he might be looking elsewhere, what to do?  He takes much longer to go to town and has admitted to talking with the girl at Shaw’s.  He has re-friended HER, who we both know would jump him in a heartbeat.  He told his mother that he had to go and fuck me while thinking of “Ruby”, then gave me some lame excuse about:

1.  a ring his mother was buying for me
2. a ring his mother was buying for HER

He also in that same conversation told his mother to tell “Ruby” he was thinking about her.

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