For little witches


A is for the element AIR where our thoughts soar so grand.

B is for the Sabbat BELTANE when we join together hand in hand.

C is for the colorful CANDLES that with intent we light.

D is for the wonderful DREAMS that fill us with insight.

E is for the element EARTH where our bodies find their place.

F is for the element FIRE whose heat can warm a space.

G is for the GOD and GODDESS whose faces we see among us.

H is for the HARVEST we celebrate at Lammas.

I is for the Sabbat IMBOLC when we look to better weather.

J is for the JOY we feel when we celebrate together.

K is for the KINSHIP we share with all of Mother Earth.

L is for LITHA - a Sabbat of great warmth.

M is for the Sabbat MABON and for the silvery MOON.

N is for the whole of NATURE whose cycles are so in tune.

O is for the Sabbat Ostara that hails the new spring.

P is for the PENTAGRAM and the meaning that is brings

Q is for the QUARTERS of North, East, South, and West.

R is for the RITUALS we do when sacred things are blessed

S is for the Sabbat SAMHAIN and for the STARS and SUN.

T is for the TAROT cards that are both revealing and fun.

U is for the UNDERSTANDING that we seek between us all.

V is for the VALUES that from within us are called.

W is for the element WATER - a peaceful and patient mentor.

X is the symbol that marks the sacred circle's center.

Y is for the Sabbat YULE when the longest night is nigh.

Z is for the ZODIAC that helps us chart the night sky.

ABCs of Paganism
A is Athame, the knife that we use.
B is for Beltaine, when partners we choose.
C is for Circle where we all are one.
D is for Deosil, path of the Sun.
E is for Esbat, when we gather round.
F is for Fire and its crackling sound.
G is for the Goddess in beauty and love.
H is the Horned One, our Father above.
I is for Imbolg, candles light the way,
J is for June when it's Midsummer's Day.
K is for Karma, the things that we do.
L is for Lammas, harvest is almost through!
M is for Moon, riding way up so high,
N is for Nighttime, which darkens the sky.
O is for Ostara, when we hunt for eggs,
P is for Pan, with hairy goat legs.
Q is the Quarters and there are just four,
R for the Rites when we open the Door.
S is for Samhain, end of the year,
T is for Tarot cards, futures to hear
U is Undines from the watery West,
V is Vervain for protection and rest.
W's Widdershins, the path of the moon.
X is the sign that is the sign of the God.
Y is for Yule and the sun's return,
Z is the Zodiac, 12 signs to learn.


Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit
For this ritual, you will need the following:
A bag of jellybeans
Marshmallow Peeps -- chicks, bunnies, etc.
A chocolate rabbit for each participant
A glass of milk for each participant

Arrange your ritual supplies on your altar so they look pretty. Kids can do this -- typically the chocolate rabbits end up in the center, surrounded by an army of Peeps and several rings of jellybeans. A quick note -- you might want to perform this ritual well in advance of mealtime, or all the kids will be too full of candy to eat a real dinner.

First, give everyone present a handful of jellybeans. Point out the different colors in the jellybeans, and what they can represent. As you call out each one, eat the jellybeans in that color. Feel free to be a bit goofy. Say something like:

Behold, little jelly eggs, small symbols of the season,
How we adore you!
Green is for the grass that springs from the land! (eat all the green jellybeans)
Yellow is for the sun shining above our heads! (eat all your yellow jellybeans) 
Red is for the tulips that grow in our garden! (eat your red jellybeans)
          Pink is for Aunt Martha's new Easter hat! (eat your pink jellybeans)                      Purple is for the crocuses that sprout along our driveway! (eat the purple ones)

Continue this until all the colors are gone -- if you really want to have some fun, make the kids take turns naming off the colors and what they mean to them. When they're all gone, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty jellybean of Spring!

Next, hand out the marshmallow Peeps. As you do, say:

Behold the Peep! The Peep is life, brought back in the spring!
Little Peep chickens, we honor you! (bite the Peep chicks)
Little Peep bunnies, we honor you! (bite the Peep bunnies)…

Continue this until the Peeps are all gone -- it is probably a good idea to limit each kid to just two or three Peeps at the most. When the Peeps have all vanished, call out:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty Peeps of Spring!

Finally, distribute the chocolate rabbits. Say:

Behold the great chocolate rabbit!
As he hops through the land, he spreads joy and happiness!
O, how we adore the chocolate rabbit and his great big chocolate ears! (eat the rabbit's ears)
Praise the chocolate rabbit, and his delicious chocolate tail! (eat the rabbit's tail)
Honor this chocolate rabbit, and his chocolate hoppity legs! (eat the rabbit's legs)
He is a wonderful rabbit, and he is special indeed! (eat the rest of the rabbit)

When the rabbits are all gone, say:

Hail! Hail! to the mighty chocolate rabbit of Spring!

Give everyone a glass of milk, and raise your drinks in a toast to these three symbols of the season.

To the jellybeans!
To the Peeps!
To the chocolate rabbit!
We drink in your honor!

Drink your milk, and sit back to enjoy the sensation of being stuffed with ritual candy.