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From 07-16-12
The Misfortunate
        Our nation (The USA) is one of the best in the world.  However, we are one of most hypocritical nations when it comes to our poor, homeless, and sick.  Our government as well as the rest of us is doing very little to nothing to help our poor, homeless, and sick. 
I don’t want to hear, “What are you doing to help the poor, homeless, and sick?” or “How much did you donate to help the poor, homeless, and sick?”  That is irrelevant.  You are helping other nation’s poor, homeless, and sick not our own.  I am not saying that that is useless.  Since those governments can’t help themselves anyway.  I just don’t want to hear about it.  If it is about helping our own, then I would like to hear that.
Every commercial or advertisement that I have seen is to help some others poor, homeless, and sick on the other side of the world.  I have only seen one that helped our own poor, homeless, and sick The Salvation Army.  Sorry, but I am annoyed, irritated, and tired of seeing so many of all sorts to help poor, homeless, and sick elsewhere but our own.  I would love to see more of all sorts that helped only our own.
Everyone remembers the commercial of an American woman or man talking with heartfelt emotion to help poor, homeless, and sick Africans.  She or he is always telling you that you can help for just the spare change in your pocket.  My children always cry when that commercial comes on and so do I (when no one is looking.)  Where is that commercial or advertisement for our own nation?  I have never seen one at all let alone with so much emotion.  Before I will ever donate any amount to an Organization to help poor, homeless, and sick I want to see our government do more for our own.  That is what I want to see from my nation, but I may never see it.
We as a society are too arrogant, ignorant, and selfish to think of doing more for the welfare of our poor, homeless, and sick.  We all have been there and done that. It usually always starts with throwing your change and yelling, “Get a job you worthless bum!”  Go to New York, you can see this happen more than once a day.  With no regard for their feelings or how they became that way.  Some lost everything in a fire, while others could no longer find work. 
Then there are those who choose it because it was so easy.  All they had to do was look and act the part. These people are a disgrace to all the poor, homeless, and sick honest working people who lost everything; whether it be from a disaster, no work, or because they are a veteran whether injured or not.  Of all the poor, homeless, and sick in New York the majority are Veterans.  Now how do you feel about that?  We have some way to show respect for the ones who risk more than they should for everything we take for granted!   
By The Lycan
From 02-20-12
Best Boxing/Wrestling Movie

    Before I start I would like to state that this is my opinion.  This is not meant to start a conflict of interest.  On this subject these are just simply my own views and interest.  If you do feel the need to comment, please feel free to do so.  Please keep in mind to refrain from the use of curse words and bad language.  Let’s just agree to disagree.

    For all of you wrestling and boxing fans, “Real Steel” is by far the best boxing and/or wrestling, what have you, movie of all time.  “Rocky” eat your heart out!  I’ll have all of you know that I am a “Rocky” fan.  Yo!  Adrianne…  Adrianne!  But still “Real Steel” makes “Rocky” look like a high school wrestling match.  Aw!  Sorry, I know I said it.

    Yes I know that in “Real Steel” it is a fight between two robots, and not a fight between two men or women.  Like in wrestling where it is fake any way.  Oh sure they do hit and kick each other.  But come on!  When they do hit it is never a real punch.  It is a slap right across the chest.  It is almost always a near miss or hit.  The only time they do hit with a kick it is the two feet pushing off of the chest.  Any other time it is just placed on or a near miss or hit.  

Wrestling will never be the way it was long ago when it was real.  In a time where one could really see a man punch another man’s teeth out.  Now that is real wrestling.  That type of wrestling is too dangerous now a days.  There would be too much risk for the wrestler.  

In “Real Steel” one can get some of the same effects as one would once get from the “old” wrestling.  You can watch two bots literally tear each other apart.  Metal bits, parts, and limbs fly off in all directions.  You can’t ask for a more satisfying fight than this movie without it being illegal.  At least this way all you have to wipe up is oil, not blood.  I think it is much better this way.  No family would lose a father and/or mother.  Best part, due to no blood, kids can enjoy it too.  Well some any way.  Kids always ask your parents first.


From 10-01-11
Abortion, Some Thoughts
          This is just my views and opinions on a very touchy subject, Abortion.  We all know about the war between Pro Life and Pro Choice.  I think the problem is not having someone who is neutral who will explain both sides without causing a fight.  People for Pro Life think it is never okay to abort.  People for Pro Choice think it is the women’s right to choose.  The Pro Life will say:  “No it’s never okay!”  “It’s a woman’s right to choose!”  Pro Choice says.  I never heard ether one explains why they are on one side or the other. 
          Here is something for you Pro Life to think about.  What if your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Daughter got rapped?  Would you really want her to have that baby?  As the baby is growing inside her it becomes a torturous reminder for that horrible event.  Every day for 9 months that poor woman would be reminded and tortured just by feeling and seeing the baby grows.  I believe that would be unconstitutional.  It would be cruel and unusual punishment.  No woman deserves that. 
          Also I do realize that it is not the child’s fault and the child could be adopted.  I only think this is the way to go only if the woman can mentally handle it.  Other wise there is two dead.
          Here is something for you Pro Choice to think about.  Now if you have been sleeping around with so many men you wouldn’t know the father and you have a busy life, or just too busy partying, and no time for a baby.  So you decide to abort.  Or you are a wild teen looking to get back at your parents.  Then you find out that you are pregnant.  Oops!  So before your parents can find out you decide to abort. This is not right.  Just because you are too childish to make adult decisions and get pregnant does not mean you should abort the baby. 
          If you are like this then for heavens sake put the baby up for adoption. No woman should abort her baby just because she made and did stupid decisions.  Also I believe it should be illegal for women like this to abort.
          Well this is my views and opinions on this subject.  If you don’t like them then grow up and deal with it like the rest off us adults.  Good day children.

By W. J. W the second

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  1. I agree with your stance on the top post (The Misfortunate), it annoys me to no end that our countries (I'm Aussie) play ads asking for money for starving kids in Africa but there is nothing for ones at home. I too believe that it is better to take care of your own first, if I was going to donate, I'd rather it be to an Australian kid who is homeless and hungry because quite frankly (and probably not the popular opinion) I could not care less about the kids in Africa.