Sunday, October 30, 2011

As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday.  I could dress up and get candy, what kid doesn’t like that??  I can remember going from door-to-door and yelling trick-or-treat.  I lived in  small east Texas town and we didn’t have to worry about things like child molesters, being snatched off the street, or getting into trouble (well, may be a little bit of trouble hee, hee).  Our roaming took place on October 31st even if it was a school night and we always had a blast! 

As I became aware of my changing religious views and found my path, I found that Halloween changed for me as well.  Late at night (or whenever my work schedule permits) at home I have a private ritual.  It is a silent ritual with those who passed on in attendance.  I have often received advice from the others during this time.  

Samhain is the the time of thin veils, where our world and the other world can communicate with ease.  It is a time of endings and of new beginnings.  We may seek the counsel of those who watch over us in our next year’s undertakings.  It is a time of death and rebirth.  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Putting the cart before the horse

For those who follow here..remember the post I did on October 12th.  Well, disregard it.  It meant nothing to the one intended.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


 I have what amounts to six tattoos at the moment.  They all have some significance for me and I do not regret any of them.

This one needs more done to it

I need to add my two littles to this one as well as two angels.  I'm not sure how to incorporate the angels though.

My first ferret, Sassy

The tattoo artist's wife didn't like the paw prints I brought with me so she went home, woke up their ferret, and printed him so mine would be authentic.  Images in Ink tattooing in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  Ask for Dan or Dawn!

Reminds me that love can be fleeting

My first tattoo, done in a private house (NOT recommended unless it's at a party).  This was done way, way before tattooing parties were all the rage.

Done for someone I thought was forever

At least I didn't get his name done  


Coven symbol

This is a fairy star superimposed over the earth seen as a reflection in an eye.  It is the symbol of our coven (now defunct), Seekers of Gaea.  It is also a tie to ones I consider my family, ones I love and miss terribly.

Pentagram and symbol for witch done in my favorite colors

I would like something with a dragonfly landing and peacock or peacocks feathers in honor of my totem and the goddess Hera.  I'm just not sure how to draw it up as I am a horrible artist.  If anyone out there is so inclined, I would not be adverse to some suggestions.  ;)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

I am the Face
Today is the day when 1 in 4 women remember those angels who are no longer in our lives.  We may have had them briefly after birth, we may have held them after they were born into the goddess' arms, or we may never have had the chance to meet them.  It does not matter, they were ours and now they are gone.  

Someone who has not been pregnant cannot know the anguish a mother feels when she realizes that the life within her is no longer there.  That the child who she has dreams for will never achieve those dreams.  She will never have the opportunity to snuggle her baby, never kiss those little toes, never receive that beautiful smile. 

We have two little angels watching over us. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Counting my blessings

I know that I have posted about my insecurities when it comes to my husband.  Yeah, I have a suspicious mind (do I hear Elvis in the background?).  But, you should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Last week my husband took my daughter to Wisconsin to pick up her stuff and her car.  Well, a few days before this we had a situation go on that was not a good thing.  However, things had been resolved (or so I thought).  Mid-way through the time he was gone, I talked to him and because of things he said, I knew that he was planning to leave me once he came home. 

Sure enough, the night he came home we talked and it was his intention to leave.  A lot of things were brought out that had not been said before and we talked about them.  The end result is that we have decided to work on a lot of things.

We need to start having some time together just the two of us.  We both love the littles, but we need time as a couple to recharge us.  We will talk about things that bother us, when they bother us and not bottle them up to explode at a later time.  And I will work on overcoming my fear of ridicule to become more affectionate toward the man I wish to spend the rest of my life beside.  At this point, I feel I should make it known just how lucky I feel that I am in my life.

I have been married to two other men, three different times before.  Yes, I was stupid enough to think that one of those men would change and married him a second time…don’t judge, believe me I paid for it.  I was in a long-distance relationship that I was thinking very hard on when I met the Lycan.  I have a lot to thank a pirate for!

The Lycan is 19 years my junior.  Yep, at one point I was twice his age.  But, except for some time at the very beginning, this has not been an issue for us.  Some people think that our age difference is an obstacle to be overcome.  I don’t see that we have any more problems than the average married couple. 

My husband is a stay-at-home-dad and I feel that my sons are the luckiest littles on earth.  They get to spend their day with Daddy and play, laugh, talk with him.  Most kids don’t get that kind of time with dad.  He places those little guys above all else on this planet and would step into of a bullet for them.  Yes, he does discipline them and there are times when they really, REALLY get on his nerves, but then there is not a parent out there who has not had their kids do the same thing to them. 

I work nights and have been asked many times how I can sleep with the boys at home during the day.  I have no problems; they know when Mommy goes to bed not to bother her.  They tuck me into bed in the morning and give me kisses and hugs. 

My husband washes clothes, cooks, and takes care of the yard.  He keeps my truck filled with gas so I don’t have to do it when I get off in the morning.  He takes her in for oil changes and repairs when needed.  He washes her whenever he takes her to town.  My truck wants for nothing with him taking care of her.

I know that we have had some rough times in the past, but what couple hasn’t?  I love him more than I can ever begin to express.

Welcome to my little space on the web.  I am participating in the blog tour for the Real Witches of Halloween and this is the post for day 6.  I have read some wonderful posts thus far and eagerly  wait for more.  I have also found more blogs to stalk follow, stealing borrowing ideas along the way.  For more info on the tour click here.

After reading some of the blogs I have found, I find that I have been a lucky witch to this point.  I became aware of my path while I lived in Wisconsin, in the heart of catholic country.  Now I thought that I would be the only Wiccan around, boy was I wrong!!  But that is not the point of this post.

The point is, I have not been subjected to the hostility that some have.  I have not had family turn from me, my co-workers have not shunned me, and I have not faced much prejudice when it came out that I am a witch.  The one incidence that occurred came from someone that is known to be a bigoted individual and my ex-mother-in-law.  So, it was not a bad thing that she turned from me.  ;)

I have actually had many discussions with others and given them food for thought.  I have shown how the christian form of prayer is similar to our casting of spells.  Both are asking for something from a deity, the form is simply different.  I have outlined how a lot of the major holidays are based on pagan celebrations.  This information has been received very well and made others think less negatively about witches in general.

You know, less like this

Witches are not:
ugly              green             bad                                       old
warty           child sacrificing       satan-worshipping          outcasts

And more like this
We are:
beautiful                 doctors                           nurses                               teachers                 lawyers                           police-persons                 fire-fighters            parents                            grand-parents                 
your neighbors     your co-workers               your friends


I find it appalling (although not too hard to believe) that there are those out there who still fall for the stereotypes when it comes to witches. Chances are you know someone who is a witch and you don’t even realize it.