Tidbits about me

I have lived my life for everyone around me. I am daughter, mother, and nurse. This is the one place where I can say what I want. If you don't like things such as witches, paganism, outspokenness against what I feel is stupidity in any place, you can leave. You may find me on here ranting about work, my family, life, and politics or just shit in general. If you do not like it, hit the little X in the top right corner. Please do not try to convert me, argue with me, or shame me on my own blog.

I have 5 living children and two little ones looking over me. My children are not perfect, but they are mine. The age range is enough tthere are almost 24 years between the oldest and the youngest. I can't say a did a great job with the older kids, but I'm trying to do better with the little ones.

I met my lifemate in 2005 and we have been married since 2008.  He is 19 years younger than me (let me save you some trouble, he is younger than my oldest and older than my second oldest).  I love him with all my heart and thank the goddess that he was brought to me. We have problems, but that has not diminished my love for him and my eyes have been opened to some things I can change in myself.  I ask the goddess every day to help me with those changes and wish that we could work things out.

I am a nurse by profession and an amateur photographer by hobby.  I always tell people that I want to photograph waterfalls in Zimbabwe when I retire.  I prefer to capture nature in my pictures, not people.

There is much more to me than I can set down here, but that is...

If you are interested in knowing more, simply email me at kara3967@gmail.com and we can get to know each other.  It never hurts to have more friends!