Monday, August 6, 2012


Today was my first occupational therapy appointment since surgery and afterward I looked up who I should commune with to ease the results of that appointment.  I found Aceso and Achelois.  These two Greek goddesses are just what my poor aching shoulder need right now. 

Aceso is a member of a healing family that includes her sisters Aegle, Hygeia, Panaceia, and Iaso.  She is the daughter of Epione and Asclepius.  I look to her to help promote healing. 

For the pain, I turn to Achelois, which means "she who drives away pain". She was one of the seven Muses said to be the daughters of Pierus. 

I have decided to explore the Greek pantheon a bit more since Hera was the one who made herself known to me years ago.  If you would like, you can read the story here, simply skip the beginning if you get bored easily. 

So, I will sign off for now and take some time to get to know these lovely ladies.

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