Saturday, October 20, 2012

Playing catch up

My days have gotten a LOT more full of late.  I recently changed position within the organization I work for and it is different.  I went from three 12 hour night shifts a week to five 8 hour days.  I love my new job though and feel it was the right choice for me.  It does limit my online time, however and I do miss the blogging.  So, if you will stick with me, I will do my best to get on here every weekend and have something for you.  I have been researching deities and found that I may not necessarily have a patron god yet.  Hera picked me many years ago and I tell all about that in this post. 

Yet, in all my wanderings around the web, I have not had any stirrings of anything toward a male deity.  I am by no means a Dianic witch.  I feel there should be balance to my spirituality, but no one has stepped up to the plate.  So, for now, I remain a one deity gal. 

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying the things being shared over at Samhain's Sirens.  They have loads of interesting posts on many things.  You should head on over and check it out.  As a bonus, they have these amazing giveaways so you have get cool stuff, too.  The one for Friday is especially cool!  It you want to see what it is click here and read the post.  Go on, see what they have to offer for the pagan in you!

For now, brightest blessings and enjoy the ride!

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