Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pagan Blog Prompt-Altars

I wish I could provide a picture of my altar, but I do not have mine in place right now.  See, we rent a house that is for sale and there is the possibility of having to move with only 30 days’ notice at any time.  Therefore, we have only the necessities unpacked (although as time passes it would seem the chance of this is diminishing).  I do miss having my altar up, it always made me feel peaceful.

When I did have an altar, I actually had two.  One rested on a baker’s rake that was given to me for the express purpose of using it as an altar. There were two shelves above the top where I kept my books and some extra supplies.  There were two small drawers underneath the top that housed my incense and small items.  The top had on it an S-shaped glass dish that held small pebbles, water, and floating candles as well as a large chunk of unfinished hematite gifted to me by a very good friend.  Other elements on the top rotated by season.  A shelf on the bottom held larger containers of supplies. This one was mainly for display

My working altar was an old dresser that called out to me when I saw it.  It was the type that had what I call a step-down shelf between the two sides holding the drawers.  In the drawers was various items I might need during a ritual:  charcoal, lighter, extra incense, etc. 

I am hopeful that one day soon I will have the ability to put up my altars without the threat of having to remove them quickly.  In a perfect world, I will have a room of my own in which to have all my paraphernalia accessible for use.   


  1. I hope you have a safe home of your own soon Rachel, so you can have your altars up again. I am a C.N.A. in Wyoming ;)
    Blessed Be ~ WiccanMoon )O(

  2. I hope you can settle down enough to set up an altar again soon. Thanks for sharing your previous altars with us at Pagan Blog Prompts.