Thursday, August 11, 2011

The first steps on my path-Part 1

I was raised southern baptist (coming from east Texas what else is there?) and we were not the most devout. I really became disillusioned when my Daddy started taking me to bingo night at the VFW.  The bingo hall was upstairs from the bar and we could run down in between sets to get sodas and snacks.  Well, when I went down I would see the some of the deacons from our church there dancing (gasp!!) and drinking without their wives.  Not exactly the behavior the pastor preached from the pulpit on Sundays. 
So, once I was out on my own I really did not attend church at all and when I had littles I didn't even think of it.  It was not until I was surfing the 'net one day and I stumbled upon this site about Wicca and while reading it something clicked.  This is what I had been doing for years, but did not know there was a name for it.   Then one day I was online and found a local group that I had more in common with than I realized.  
To be continued......

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  1. beautiful! i can totally relate to you here.. i am in northwest louisiana, there is a church on every corner, and i am still here! i keep looking for that local group..

    hugs n love!! xoxox