Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy holidays to all!

I know that those who follow blogs have seen a multitude of blessings this week ranging from Merry Christmas to Happy Yule, from Merry Kwanza to Happy Hanukkah.  I know that there are many forms of celebration going on at this time of the solar wheel and I find that heart-warming.  I will say that I am at a loss to explain the animosity between the various groups.  The reason for the season, no matter what your flavor, is to celebrate the wonder of life.  It matters not whose life you are celebrating, just that you ARE celebrating and that should not include a dissertation on who is right or wrong.  It should be simply an expression of joy.

With that being said, I will extend well wishes to all my family, friends, and cyber-friends.  May the season find you in good health and in the company of loved ones.  If your situation if not perfect, reflect on the fact that you are alive and loved.  No one need be alone at this time, if you find yourself without close family or friends, extend your hand to someone who is in the same predicament.  You never know, maybe you will make an acquaintance that becomes find a life-long friend.  I am a strong believer that things do not happen without a reason.  

Brightest blessings in all aspects of your life!

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