Thursday, December 29, 2011

Where has common sense gone?

**BEWARE THIS IS A RANT.  If you do not want to read it, please leave now**

I have deliberately waited a couple of days after the inspiration for this before I posted it.  Better to calm down than come across as a raving lunatic.  Unfortunately, it has not helped.  

Recently we took a trip to the local (ha, ha 25 miles from here local) Wal-Mart and this trip just seemed more filled with idiots than usual.  Okay, I live in New Hampshire and, yes, there a times when you are not able to see the lines in the parking lot and inadvertently take up two parking spaces.  That is understandable.  However, when the ground is perfectly clear and the lines are visible?  Come on people, get your head out of your ass and learn to park.  I even saw one extended cab pick-up taking up three spaces.  Yep, he was pulled in diagonally into three spaces.  And it was not like the pick-up was in pristine condition and he was worried about getting it scratched.  This thing looked like it had been through the hay baler a time or two.

Then into the store to be thrown into the fray.  The foot travel was not too heavy, yet everywhere were people not looking at where they were headed and simply pushing their buggies willy-nilly into one’s path.  The Lycan hates when I am not able to keep up with him walking through the store, yet time after time, I have to jerk to a stop to avoid hitting someone with MY buggy as they just appeared into front of me as if from a transporter module.  

Once we were on the road home, I thought we were free…nope, drivers out there are idiots as well.  Why on the goddess’ green earth would you accelerate around someone who is going (admittedly) 5 miles ABOVE the speed limit only to reduce your speed to the speed limit once in front of them?  If you wanted to go 50, then stay behind the person who is going 55.  Stop being passive-aggressive and just take care of your own driving instead of minded everyone else’s.  

I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but with this sort of evidence, I am beginning to fear for the future of society.  If this is the kind of behavior that people are exhibiting, what does the younger generation have in store for us?

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  1. Yesterday obviously was "Honking Day" around here... or maybe every other driver got a new horn and wanted to test-drive it? ^^