Monday, February 20, 2012

Guest post by the Lycan

Best Boxing/Wrestling Movie

    Before I start I would like to state that this is my opinion.  This is not meant to start a conflict of interest.  On this subject these are just simply my own views and interest.  If you do feel the need to comment, please feel free to do so.  Please keep in mind to refrain from the use of curse words and bad language.  Let’s just agree to disagree.

    For all of you wrestling and boxing fans, “Real Steel” is by far the best boxing and/or wrestling, what have you, movie of all time.  “Rocky” eat your heart out!  I’ll have all of you know that I am a “Rocky” fan.  Yo!  Adrianne…  Adrianne!  But still “Real Steel” makes “Rocky” look like a high school wrestling match.  Aw!  Sorry, I know I said it.

    Yes I know that in “Real Steel” it is a fight between two robots, and not a fight between two men or women.  Like in wrestling where it is fake any way.  Oh sure they do hit and kick each other.  But come on!  When they do hit it is never a real punch.  It is a slap right across the chest.  It is almost always a near miss or hit.  The only time they do hit with a kick it is the two feet pushing off of the chest.  Any other time it is just placed on or a near miss or hit.  

Wrestling will never be the way it was long ago when it was real.  In a time where one could really see a man punch another man’s teeth out.  Now that is real wrestling.  That type of wrestling is too dangerous now a days.  There would be too much risk for the wrestler.  

In “Real Steel” one can get some of the same effects as one would once get from the “old” wrestling.  You can watch two bots literally tear each other apart.  Metal bits, parts, and limbs fly off in all directions.  You can’t ask for a more satisfying fight than this movie without it being illegal.  At least this way all you have to wipe up is oil, not blood.  I think it is much better this way.  No family would lose a father and/or mother.  Best part, due to no blood, kids can enjoy it too.  Well some any way.  Kids always ask your parents first.


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  1. Originally I had thought I'd enjoy the movie for other reasons... *ahem*... but I found myself wondering all the time how they got those cool robot fighting scenes done. Will have to look into that. As soon as I am done with the dayjob and saving the world. ^^