Saturday, December 15, 2012

Most definitely a rant...enter at your own risk

I am reading this morning and I keep seeing articles trying to guess the shooter’s motive.  Who gives a shit?  I don‘t, I could care less what lead this sick, psycho to gun down 28 people in cold-blood.  This asshole pointed a 9mm at these people and pulled the trigger without saying a word.  He blew his mother’s face off before he did it.  Do NOT try to tell me there was a good motive for this.  He deserved his death, just not the one he gave himself.  I know this may not be a popular comment and I do not care who likes it.  I think he deserves to be strung up with coarse twine pulled slowly through the palms of his hands, hung in the desert, covered with honey, and left to any creature that wants him.  No food, no water, no shade.  If luck were on our side, there would be a nest of fire ants, scorpions and brown recluse spiders nearby that can have their way with him. 

Brightest blessings in this dark time.

1 comment:

  1. Whatever his mental illness was (and I'm very familiar with Aspberger's they claim he had; I have two siblings with the same disorder) these cowards always off themselves so that the world doesn't get the pleasure of letting him ride the lightning in the electric chair with a dry sponge. Why can't they off themselves BEFORE they murder dozens in cold blood?