Friday, February 8, 2013

An explanation and some education, Part 1

I apologize to those who still read my blog here.  I know that I said recently that I would be back that evening or the next day to post again. However, we have recently received some news about the Lycan’s health and I have been doing a bit of research.  After starting this post, I decided that this should be a multi-part posting.  Today will be part 1 and contain the background story.   LOL 

Many of you many remember me ranting about the Lycan’s family, mainly his mother the crazy lunatic (CL).  Well, she is like most people I know and they cannot tell you the names of the medications they are on or why they are taking them.  There have been many things that she has told the Lycan where I have doubted the accuracies.  One of the things I always wondered about however was that his sperm donor (SD) has this “blood disease”.  He was not treated for it with medications, but one time one of them mentioned that he had to have blood removed ever so often.  I never thought anything of it.  Until recently…

Last year the Lycan had routine labs done when I was finally able to drag him into the clinic.  One of the things found was that his liver counts were elevated.  He had been on a cholesterol lowering medication, so the first thing our provider did was to stop that.  After three months, we repeated the labs and, while they were better, the counts were still high.  So, he got a liver ultrasound and it found that he had fatty liver disease.  This finding is not problematic in itself, the main course of treatment is to lose weight (which we both can stand to do) and watch the alcohol intake. 

Now, the Lycan did partake of quite a bit of alcohol in his teen years, but I would not characterize it as excessive compared to the majority of the people I encountered in my own teens.  Now a days, if he has a beer after mowing the yard it is rare.  I mean we have at least a six-pack out in the garage fridge that has been there for about two years.  Therefore, I was a bit miffed when our provider continued to tell him to go easy on the alcohol consumption. 

As some know, I have recently changed positions in the organization for which I work and it was more convenient for our family to change health care providers. 

More to follow tomorrow.

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