Saturday, February 16, 2013

One BAD apple spoils the whole basket

The Lycan recently went on vacation to see family and friends in Wisconsin.  Every few years, he takes off and heads over there while I stay here with the boys.  Used to be there wasn't hardly anyone for me to see there and goddess knows I am not missing the CL at all.  I was very hesitant to see him go this year as the last time he went, he came home saying he did not love me anymore.  Well, we were in a better place this time and he came home expressing his love for me very eloquently.  

However, one of the main reasons I am reluctant to have him go without me is an old flame of his.  Now, the Lycan likes older women (who would have thunk it?  LOL) and this woman was someone he liked a LOT.  His mother is constantly throwing this woman at him every chance she gets.  But, she has apparently slid from christian to fanatical christian.  She spent about three hours one night haranguing him about his beliefs.  It is her stance that you cannot believe in god and also believe in evolution.  Now, she is conveniently overlooking that fact that he does not believe in her god to begin with.  It was so bad that after she left very angrily, it was not long before he had to leave as well because the negative energy in the house was at critical mass.  

The Lycan and I are very tolerant of other religions.  We do not badger them, try to convert them, or knock on their doors to preach the good word to them; yet, she does not have the same ideals.  We can both enjoy a lively debate about the difference in beliefs, it is when it turns into a maniacal rant that we do not care for.

 It was enough for even god to say:


  1. I'm glad that there was a much happier reunion this time around,for you two! This woman sounds much like my youngest sister (& many conservative christians). She isn't overlooking that the Lycan doesn't believe in her God. It's irrelevant to her. Her God is the one true way, & those who don't believe this are condemned to Hell. Period. This leads to all manner of nasty political situations if we voters are not careful who we elect to office & who is funding them.

  2. I've noticed that many of my non-Witch family act like they don't see past their bible. It is a sad thing. It creates problems and destroys families. Maybe his mom will see that, some day...