Sunday, March 24, 2013

You just cannot fool Mother Nature

On February 2, 2013 that groundhog that is so famous said that there would be an early spring.  In New Hampshire it felt like he was right, for a few days.  Then we had another winter storm roll through and Mother Nature let us know that only she decides the season changes.
Not that I am complaining because, as some may know, I love the winter.  However, there comes a point when I want to sit down with the dear lady and have a heart-to-heart.  My witchlets are tearing the house down and driving the Lycan and I crazy.  The mud outside is becoming treacherous to walk on as it thaws out during the daytime, becoming a squishy, slippery mess, then freezing at night into the ruts and divots that can incapacitate  person with one wrong step.

Nonetheless, I am beginning to turn my eyes to the warmer weather.  While I have been losing weight lately, I have reached a plateau where what I have been doing is no longer taking pounds off.  I am maintaining, but I become slightly addicted to stepping on the scale of a morning and seeing the number smaller than is was the day before.  For the first time in a long time, I want to get out to walk and play with the kiddos.  I want to explore the back portion of the property and the clearing that the Lycan has told me about.  He says it would be perfect for a circle.  I would like an area to do ritual in that allows me to ground properly to Gaia.  I wonder if I was able to ask the deities for assistance in finding a permanent house for us from their environment (outside), would they find it more favorable?

As I have endured the inconsistent weather patterns recently, I have concluded that this beautiful state is close to paradise for me.  I have the snow without the extreme bitter cold that Wisconsin has, the short stint of heat in the summer that reminds me of Texas, and the beauty of scenery that, to this day, can stop me in my tracks to marvel at what is revealed before me.

May your life be filled with wonder
your day filled with joy
and your mind filled with serenity

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  1. did you know that the ground hog actually received death threats...people take the ground hog thing a little to seriously. That or they really really are tired of snow. Which by the way will be arriving in my area by tomorrow. Yea me. I am also on the plateu of losing weight. I have worked so hard but can't seem to get the last bit off...ugh. Good luck with the weight loss.