Monday, October 28, 2013

Life has been good

Life has been going well although I have been busy.  The boys are settled into their routine of school and are learning things so fast  Liam is reading, writing and spelling, while Zander is starting to get the basics.  I have been at the clinic for a year now and am feeling like I am starting to know what I am doing.  I have joined the family support team at the hospital.  This team is called in when there is a catastrophic event in someone's life, be it an illness, accident, or death.  I really appreciated the work that they do when I worked in the ICU, they give the family the comfort I was not able to as the nurse caring for their loved one. 

I am on vacation this week and find myself wanting to do a ritual for Samhain.  I know that it will be a solitary one, but I feel the pull to do something.  I have not had anyone in my family pass this year, so I am researching what exactly I would like to do  I will be honoring Typhoon, my last ferret who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year with something as well.

I am wondering how to do a ritual that symbolizes the maturation of my wants and dreams from the extravagant to something more practical.  I have always wanted a huge house with a lot of luxuries and land.  I now find myself more looking toward a modest house with the rooms needed and a few comforts.  A little land to have a circle on; close to town, but not in town where my outside rituals will not draw undue attention.  It is not that I'm in the closet, I just don't feel the need to involve my neighbors as an audience. 

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