Monday, July 14, 2014


What does respect mean to you?  To me respect is not given, it is earned for the most part.  Yes, you should respect your elders, respect those in authority, and respect your parents.  However, I am not seeing much of any of that these days.

Providing someone with your dope dealers name knowing that it will get them in trouble with their spouse.  Taking money to bail someone out of jail, repaying your family back, but not the prisoners own family back.  Taking a vehicle for free even when you knew that there were a few minor problems with it, then bitching about how you got screwed over.  Taking another vehicle for free and letting someone who is “supposed” to be a great mechanic bend the motor mounts by dropping the motor on them and ruining the car.  Not coming to your mother's wedding, even though you promised the night before that you would absolutely be there.  Not paying for something that your brother agreed to sell you, saying that possession is 9/10 of the law.  None of these shows an ounce of respect. 

Yet you demand it because a person (someone you did not know) smoked a bowl with your brother and did not offer you any...that takes brass balls.  Then you have him arrested after your shack-up attacked him.  Let’s see how you keep from getting your ass from being evicted.  You once left your sister homeless and you have turned your back on your family time and time again.  Karma is a bitch that rival the one you sleep with at night.  

Yes, I know that there are two sides to every story and no one person is blameless.  Yet, when I have other people tell me that they heard everything that went on and the "victim" is at least 50% liable, I have a hard time being compassionate.  I know how things happen and there is never really an innocent party in events like this.  I said that there would come a day when you would burn all your bridges; I think that day may have come.

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