Saturday, September 10, 2011

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of a tragedy for all Americans. It marks the beginning of a war that we should never have entered.  I can remember what I was doing on that day, as I am sure most of you can.  I am sure that this is how our parents felt when they learned that Kennedy had been shot or when they saw the first man walking on the moon. 

This one act lead to our country going to “war with terrorism”.  It has lead to over 2700 deaths, of which the United States has received 1762 in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) alone (Operation Enduring Freedom, 2011).  Now, one would think that the deaths are spread fairly even through out that period.  That is not the case: in 2005, the USA total was almost double what it had been in 2004.  2010 was the worst year thus far with 499 citizens killed (Operation Enduring Freedom, 2011).  I do not about you, but I think that the families of those people would have preferred to have more time with them. 

However, this post is not about my feelings about this.  It is a show of support for the troops who put their lives on the line for countries that could care less.  It is in support of those families who live in fear every day of getting the news that their loved one will not be returning to them.  It is in support of those who have already received that news:  the mothers and fathers, the wives, the sons and daughters who have to go on living without the presence of someone who, by rights, should still be at their side.

It is in support of all those who have sacrificed everything for this country and whose leader now is selling this country to the highest bidder.


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Brightest blessings in the dark.

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