Sunday, October 30, 2011

As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday.  I could dress up and get candy, what kid doesn’t like that??  I can remember going from door-to-door and yelling trick-or-treat.  I lived in  small east Texas town and we didn’t have to worry about things like child molesters, being snatched off the street, or getting into trouble (well, may be a little bit of trouble hee, hee).  Our roaming took place on October 31st even if it was a school night and we always had a blast! 

As I became aware of my changing religious views and found my path, I found that Halloween changed for me as well.  Late at night (or whenever my work schedule permits) at home I have a private ritual.  It is a silent ritual with those who passed on in attendance.  I have often received advice from the others during this time.  

Samhain is the the time of thin veils, where our world and the other world can communicate with ease.  It is a time of endings and of new beginnings.  We may seek the counsel of those who watch over us in our next year’s undertakings.  It is a time of death and rebirth.  

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