Saturday, October 1, 2011

Guest blog from the Lycan

The Lycan was talking one night about being unsure of the difference between pro-choice and pro-abortion and after I explained to him that just because your are pro-choice it does NOT mean that you are pro-abortion, he wanted to write up something about HIS views.  So, I told him to get it together and I would put it out there for all to see.  This blog is the result.

****This is not intended to start an argument, debate, or discussion.  these are one person's views and he is entitled to share them.  If you don't like what he has to say, click right on out.****

Abortion, Some Thoughts

          This is just my views and opinions on a very touchy subject, Abortion.  We all know about the war between Pro Life and Pro Choice.  I think the problem is not having someone who is neutral who will explain both sides without causing a fight.  People for Pro Life think it is never okay to abort.  People for Pro Choice think it is the women’s right to choose.  The Pro Life will say:  “No it’s never okay!”  “It’s a woman’s right to choose!”  Pro Choice says.  I never heard ether one explains why they are on one side or the other. 

          Here is something for you Pro Life to think about.  What if your Mother, Sister, Aunt, or Daughter got rapped?  Would you really want her to have that baby?  As the baby is growing inside her it becomes a torturous reminder for that horrible event.  Every day for 9 months that poor woman would be reminded and tortured just by feeling and seeing the baby grows.  I believe that would be unconstitutional.  It would be cruel and unusual punishment.  No woman deserves that. 

          Also I do realize that it is not the child’s fault and the child could be adopted.  I only think this is the way to go only if the woman can mentally handle it.  Other wise there is two dead.

          Here is something for you Pro Choice to think about.  Now if you have been sleeping around with so many men you wouldn’t know the father and you have a busy life, or just too busy partying, and no time for a baby.  So you decide to abort.  Or you are a wild teen looking to get back at your parents.  Then you find out that you are pregnant.  Oops!  So before your parents can find out you decide to abort. This is not right.  Just because you are too childish to make adult decisions and get pregnant does not mean you should abort the baby. 

          If you are like this then for heavens sake put the baby up for adoption. No woman should abort her baby just because she made and did stupid decisions.  Also I believe it should be illegal for women like this to abort.

          Well this is my views and opinions on this subject.  If you don’t like them then grow up and deal with it like the rest off us adults.  Good day children.

By W. J. W the second

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  1. my daughter follows along with your line of reasoning, but has no answer to the question: how do tell if a woman is using abortion as a method of birth control (as opposed to a rape)? will you now become the thought orwellian Big Brother?