Saturday, October 22, 2011


 I have what amounts to six tattoos at the moment.  They all have some significance for me and I do not regret any of them.

This one needs more done to it

I need to add my two littles to this one as well as two angels.  I'm not sure how to incorporate the angels though.

My first ferret, Sassy

The tattoo artist's wife didn't like the paw prints I brought with me so she went home, woke up their ferret, and printed him so mine would be authentic.  Images in Ink tattooing in Wisconsin Rapids, WI.  Ask for Dan or Dawn!

Reminds me that love can be fleeting

My first tattoo, done in a private house (NOT recommended unless it's at a party).  This was done way, way before tattooing parties were all the rage.

Done for someone I thought was forever

At least I didn't get his name done  


Coven symbol

This is a fairy star superimposed over the earth seen as a reflection in an eye.  It is the symbol of our coven (now defunct), Seekers of Gaea.  It is also a tie to ones I consider my family, ones I love and miss terribly.

Pentagram and symbol for witch done in my favorite colors

I would like something with a dragonfly landing and peacock or peacocks feathers in honor of my totem and the goddess Hera.  I'm just not sure how to draw it up as I am a horrible artist.  If anyone out there is so inclined, I would not be adverse to some suggestions.  ;)